Responsible Retailing

We believe in acting responsibly and listening hard to the issues that really matter to our customers, colleagues, communities and suppliers. So, we’ve developed a diverse corporate responsibility programme to help us take good care of the environment and make a positive contribution to society.

2015/16 highlights:

  • 23.6% reduction in operational carbon emissions
  • All of our stores can now donate edible unsold food to local community groups
  • 13 out of 15 of our manufacturing sites are zero waste
  • 1 billion calories removed from our soft drinks
  • 100% British own-brand fresh beef, pork, chicken, lamb, milk and eggs
  • All of the proceeds from the sales of our single use carrier bags (after VAT) donated to good causes
  • £20m raised in our stores for charities and community groups.

Wellbeing & the environment

Working closely with our suppliers and partners, including Change4Life and Working on Waste, we’re improving people’s lives while reducing our impact on the planet.

Healthier Eating – Passionate about helping our customers make healthy choices, we’ve cut the prices of many fresh food items to make them more affordable. We’ve also removed confectionary from our checkouts, signed up to the Government’s salt reduction targets and reformulated our sweetened soft drinks to take 1 billion calories out of our customers’ baskets.

Partnering with Suppliers – We’re committed to supporting British farmers through our Milk for Farmers brand and providing our customers with 100% own-brand British beef, lamb, pork, chicken, milk and eggs. We’ve created a Supplier Academy and Stronger Together training to help our suppliers improve their performance. While 1,500+ supplier sites have joined our ethical programme to ensure best practice and they do the right thing for their workers and our customers. We’ve also helped our suppliers to improve animal welfare and introduced more tests to guarantee the quality and safety of our food.

Responsible sourcing – We are committed to buying our products from environmentally and socially responsible suppliers. 

Reducing waste – We’re well on our way to achieving zero store waste through a smarter supply chain and different recycling and waste reduction initiatives. We waste very little edible food in our stores anyway (only 0.02% waste). But now we’ve started donating this unsold food to local charities to help our communities. We’ve also introduced ‘Wonky Veg’ while a redesign of the loose bags on Market Street has saved 53 tonnes of packaging.

Carbon emissions – We’ve already achieved a 23.6% reduction in operational carbon emissions. But we’re making further reductions by introducing LED lighting, refrigeration doors and new energy management tech.

Supporting communities 

Our stores play an active and positive role in our local communities. After all, it’s where the majority of our customers and store colleagues live. Here are just a few of the ways our community engagement programme made a difference in 2015:

Community Champions – We’ve over 500 Community Champions who go the extra mile to build strong links between our supermarkets and local communities. Not only have they all become Dementia Friends so we can serve our customers better, they give talks at local schools, take community groups on store tours and put our training rooms and customer cafés to good use. Making sure our unsold food goes to people who need it, they also co-ordinate fundraising activities, helping our stores to raise millions of pounds for good causes.

Disaster Relief – The winter of 2015 saw communities in the North of England and Scotland hit by storms and floods. Not only did we help local people, we kept our stores open, donated £100,000 to the relief effort and supplied food to those who were forced to leave their homes.

Morrisons Foundation – By offering grants, matching colleague funding and getting involved in a variety of community projects, our Foundation makes a difference to people’s lives in England, Scotland and Wales. In our first year, we donated £2.5 million to more than 400 local and national charities ranging from homeless shelters to hospices.

Charity Partnerships - Working with our national charity partner Sue Ryder, we’re helping to improve community-based end of life care and support families throughout Britain. Thanks to the generosity of our customers and colleagues we raised £2.5m for our national charity in 2015. Across our sites, our colleagues raised vital funds through fundraising activities ranging from ‘Morrisons to the Moon’ to ‘Communi-Tea Parties’.

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