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Leaving the armed forces and beginning a civilian career can be daunting, and we know you’ll have lots of questions about training, policies and more. So, we’re not just committed to helping you build your career, we’re also here to answer those questions and make sure you have everything you need to make your transition out of the military as simple and straightforward as possible.

Here’s what you need to know…

  • Who we help

    As part of our pledge to support the armed forces community, we’re committed to helping military veterans, reservists and their families to transition to rewarding careers outside of the military.

  • Guaranteed interviews for veterans

    It can often be difficult for employers to understand your military experience and identify the transferable skills you’ve developed in the armed forces. So, we give you the opportunity to show us what you can really bring to Morrisons from the beginning by guaranteeing you an interview once you’ve applied. 

    You will need to be a veteran and have served in the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines, the British Army or the Royal Air Force, at any time for at least four years.

  • Opportunities for Reservists

    We believe that members of the reserve forces play an important role in our military, and we know that reservists also develop a wide range of transferable skills that can make a positive impact here at Morrisons. 

    So, if you’ve been a member of the Maritime Reserve Forces (including The Royal Naval Reserve and The Royal Marines Reserve), the Army Reserves and the Royal Air Force Reserves, we’d love to meet you. 

    Extra time off for training

    Whether you’re a Volunteer Reservist or a Regular Reservist, we know your training is vital. That’s why we offer all the flexibility you need to cover training days, weekends, and your annual camp - in the form of an additional 10 days’ of paid leave.

    What happens during mobilisation?

    If you are mobilised, we’ll work with you to organise your time away from work which could be up to 12 months, and we’ll also help you return to your role once your mobilisation ends.

    Please note that during your mobilisation, we won’t pay you and you won’t build up annual leave entitlement. However, you will be able to remain as a member of our pension scheme with the MOD paying your contributions. And your union membership, and Health Care, Accident and Positive Care plan memberships can continue as long as you set up alternative payment plans.

    What’s more, your Life Assurance scheme, Service Award, and Colleague Discount scheme will continue as normal, and we’ll even make sure you have the same opportunities for Pay Reviews as your non-military colleagues.


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We're Hiring! Our Manufacturing and Logistics sites have lots of opportunities with various shifts, full time or part time, permanent and temporary!

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