Right to work in the UK

We welcome applications from people around the world who can work in the UK permanently or for a limited time. We need to make sure that our candidates have the right to work in the country as we’re not able to employ them otherwise so we’ll need to check and retain a copy of documents before any offer is made. If a candidate is unable to provide right to work documents we have a duty to understand why this is, so candidates will be asked to explain the basis upon which they believe they will be able to live and work in the UK legally. You’ll need such current official documents as:

  • Passport/national identity card - showing you’re a British citizen or national from an EEA (European Economic Area) country/Switzerland.
  • Registration certificate*/permanent residence card* - allowing you permanent UK residence because you’re a national or family member of someone from an EEA country/Switzerland.
  • Biometric Immigration Document/Residence Permit* - allowing you to stay indefinitely in the UK.
  • Passport/immigration status document*† - showing you’re exempt from immigration control and can stay indefinitely in the UK.
  • Immigration status document*† - with endorsement allowing you to stay indefinitely in the UK.
  • Birth/adoption certificate† - issued in the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands or Isle of Man with names of adoptive parent/s.
  • Certificate of registration or naturalization† - as a British citizen.

Documents that typically enable you to live and work in the UK for a limited time

  • Endorsed passport/Biometric Immigration Document*
  • Residence card* - showing you’re a non-EEA national with a family member from an EEA country/Switzerland.
  • Immigration status document*† – with photograph and valid endorsement.
  • Certificate of application* – plus positive verification notice showing you’re a non-EEA national with a family member from an EEA country/Switzerland.
  • Application registration card* - and positive verification notice.
  • Positive verification notice – issued by the Home Office employer checking service.

*Certified/issued by the Home Office.

† Plus official document stating your name and permanent National Insurance number issued by a Government agency or previous employer.

Read the right to work checklist

If you are offered a role with us, you will be contacted by a partner organisation who will process documentation verification checks to ensure that the documents provided comply with UK employment and right to work regulations.  


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