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We're a friendly team of foodmakers and shopkeepers. Whether you’re looking to launch your career or take on a fresh challenge - we’ll have an opportunity for you.




Our store teams deliver a friendly, fresh-focused shopping experience our customers won't find anywhere else. ... Read more

Manufacturing degree apprentice standing in front of equipment


We're the UK's 2nd largest fresh food manufacturer, we produce most of our own food and have 18 UK based manufacturing sites. ... Read more



We keep millions of products moving all the way from our suppliers to our distribution centres to our stores. ... Read more

Engineering colleague stood in front of equipment


Our talented engineers keep our food production lines and logistics operations running smoothly 24/7. ... Read more


Early careers

We love nurturing the talents of graduates, students and school leavers and helping them to grow their careers. ... Read more

Anmol, Tech grad sat with laptop in Head Office

Head office

At Hilmore House in Bradford, our teams keep everything running smoothly from tech and HR to marketing and finance. ... Read more

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