We're Hiring! Our Manufacturing and Logistics sites have lots of opportunities with various shifts, full time or part time, permanent and temporary!

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It’s more than just our job. But if it wasn’t for our brilliant Engineering team, we wouldn’t even be able to do our jobs.

Unlike other supermarkets, we own most of our supply chain and we make the majority of the food we sell from our own 18 manufacturing sites. We are food makers as well as great shopkeepers, which is why our Engineers have been able to achieve some amazing things over recent weeks and months. 

Like increasing the amount of food we make in our British manufacturing sites to levels we’ve never seen before so that we can meet all of our customers’ needs. That’s everything from bread and baked products, to flour, fruit and veg, and even our innovative food boxes. Not to mention getting it all packed and out to our stores quicker than we ever imagined we’d need to.

It’s engineering that makes all of this possible.

  • Can you keep pace with our growth?

    Right now, we’ve some fantastic opportunities for you to be a part of our growth. There’s a whole range of engineering roles available in different areas and for all levels of expertise.

  • Engineering apprenticeship

    If you’re just starting out or looking to change your career, we can give you a great head start with an engineering apprenticeship. It’s a brilliant blend of study and experience – plus you’ll earn while you learn.

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We’re engineering an exciting future

Our Engineering team plays a pivotal part at the heart of our business. 

The scope and scale is more exciting than you might think. We're investing in state of the art equipment and increasing the number of production lines at most of our sites. Now, there’s even more automation, even more planned maintenance, and even more asset care, reliability and continuous improvement projects. And those numbers are growing by the day.

Engineering has always been a top priority for us. And because we believe that Engineers are so important to our business, we also work hard to make sure they thrive.

So, we’ve engineered a working environment that has a real buzz, and where people are passionate about success. We’ve built a culture of ownership that offers real scope.

Plus we give everyone the freedom to launch ideas, face fresh challenges, and enjoy new opportunities. It's invigorating, revitalising and constantly stimulating.

And, as we said, it’s also pretty exciting, too.


“The hours are a real benefit! I work two days, two nights and then have four days off which leaves me with lots of spare time on my hands."”

Chris - Mechanical Engineer

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Our property team manage and develop over 500 properties.


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We're Hiring! Our Manufacturing and Logistics sites have lots of opportunities with various shifts, full time or part time, permanent and temporary!

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