We’re the UK’s 2nd largest fresh food manufacturer. We’re the 4th largest food retailer. We promise to provide the freshest food to 11 million customers every week.

It’s a logistical dream. And it doesn’t get any more cutting edge than this. We support our stores and deliver quality fresh food from farm to fork. We’ve state-of-the-art voice picking technology in our ambient warehouses.

We’ve over 2,000 vehicles travelling around the country. And we’ve a fantastic team of 7,300 colleagues who work together to increase efficiencies, improve services and drive down costs. We also continually develop our skills, as each of our sites has its own dedicated training & development team to bring out the best in us.

So, discover more about our careers in warehouse, transport and engineering.

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Hear from one of our of our Warehouse Managers, Colin Renucci:

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We source directly from UK farmers.


"Logistics is all about understanding the small things and seeing how they impact on the bigger picture."

Naomi, Logistics Graduate

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