Our business areas

We manage all the logistics for the UK’s 2nd largest fresh food manufacturer and the 4th largest food retailer.

Fast. Agile. Highly responsive. Using over 2,000 vehicles and state-of-the-art voice picking technology in our ambient warehouses, we deliver quality fresh food from farm to fork.

Constantly increasing efficiencies, improving services and driving down costs, our 7,300 fantastic colleagues work together in these different teams.

  • Ambient

    From wine and canned foods to pet food and household and beauty products, we ensure our aisles are stocked with the items our customers love.

  • Fresh

    Eggs, seafood, sandwiches, meat, fruit and veg – we make sure only the freshest and best gets onto our shelves.

  • Bread

    Our bakery in Wakefield bakes 4 million loaves of bread per week! And we need to get them to our stores quickly, along with our muffins, crumpets, toasties and pitta and naan bread.

  • Frozen

    From oven chips to frozen peas, there’s a whole host of products that need transporting in sub-zero conditions.

  • Transport

    Our fleet of over 1,500 trailers helps us to transport tonnes of goods around the country where and when they are needed.


Logistics colleague standing in warehouse


Our distribution centres are at the heart of everything, as we get our products from farm to fork as quickly as possible. ... Read more

VMU Logistics stood in front of vehicle in warehouse


Our transport team makes thousands of deliveries to our 492 stores to provide the freshest of products to 11 million customers every week. ... Read more

Engineering colleague stood in front of equipment


There’s more automation, more planned maintenance and more projects day-to-day. ... Read more


Every apple we sell is visually inspected for quality by our state-of-the-art vision system.


When the sun shines our sales of stone fruit can increase by 25% overnight.

Check Circle

We test 100s of products from our shelves each year to make sure they meet our specifications and are ‘what they say they are’.

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