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We’re unique in the way we source and make most of our fresh food ourselves. Our different manufacturing capabilities make us stand out in the world of retail.

This means there are a number of areas where you can make the most of your potential. Discover where you could join us in manufacturing.



Muffins, rolls, baguettes. Wholemeal, rye, brown. We make and bake all our own bread products - some 4 million a week! ... Read more


We’re determined to deliver freshness from field to fork. Carrots. Bacon. Apples. Nuts. Sausages. We produce them all to meet the highest quality standards ... Read more


Our 300 florists create 400,000 bouquets a week with tremendous care and creative skill ... Read more


Quality makes all the difference, as our fishmongers will tell you. From our two fish processing plants, we supply high quality, great value fish, seafood and shellfish ... Read more

Meat & chilled

With traceable livestock and our own manufacturing facilities, we make sure our meat and chilled products are fresh from field to fork ... Read more


We couldn’t supply millions of customers with millions of products without our team of engineers. So, we’ve created an environment where they’re free to thrive ... Read more

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