TEMPORARY WORK: Join us in an hourly paid temp role across our logistics and manufacturing sites, and help us provide food for the nation during these difficult times.

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Meet some of the tech team

Our ambition continues to grow as does our team. Meet some of the people behind the scenes.

  • Jordan

    Technology Director - Customer and Colleague

    “As the Technology Director, it’s my job to introduce the kind of fresh tech that powers the retail side of our business and our Naturally Digital agenda. That includes everything from in store kiosks, our websites and partnerships with Ocado and Amazon, to our machine learning and data science functions, property and finance, and enterprise architecture. 

    I want to make sure our customers are able to shop with us across every channel we operate, and converging our channels is going to be an exciting challenge as we continue building our digital shopping experience.

    We’re also responsible for putting tech into the hands of everyone who works at Morrisons too, to help them do their jobs more effectively, get more from our data, and stay connected. Our Data & Reporting Technologies and Corporate Systems underpins the technology used by our People, Finance and Property functions too. It’s about helping our people make that customer experience even better, whether it’s ordering a coffee from our baristas with their phone, or picking recipes as well as meat from our butchers. 

    Our approach to tech at Morrisons means we’re in control of our own destiny. It allows us be more agile, to take an iterative approach, and to work at pace. And it means we have the opportunity to genuinely lead our industry.

    Everyone expects things to happen quickly these days, and we’re here to deliver the tech that makes it possible.”

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  • Kate

    Head of technology In Store Customer Experience

    Kate dealt with Morrisons while working for an international shipping company – and liked what she saw. So when a role came up within Wholesale, Kate was quick to apply. Now, she’smoved onto a role as Head of Technology Instore Customer Experience, setting new standards in tech. As the more women enter the field, Kate’s leading the way.

    Kate’s job is to make sure we have the technology to best serve customers in store. She sees that the right tech contracts are in place and keeps a close eye on her area’s IT trends.

    Although Kate is understandably cautious about introducing change, she’s excited about the direction the business is taking and says digital focus has grown considerably. Kate also believes that Morrisons is showing young people that tech is a place where women are free to thrive. She cites the business’s strong female role models – and is fast becoming one herself.

    With so much happening here, it’s perhaps no surprise that Kate says her future definitely lies at Morrisons. A major fan of the brand, Kate is proud of the role that technology plays in manufacturing Morrisons’ food and the business’s overall strategy.  

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  • Anmol

    Digital and Innovation Specialist

    Anmol started his journey at Morrisons on our Technology & Digital Graduate Scheme. 

    He's had great support throughout his time, even completing a part time Masters.

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  • Pravina

    Technology Manager - Projects

    Pravina works to make sure that the tech processes at Morrisons are fast, simple and smart to really improve both the customer and colleague experience. 

    Pravina's had a huge amount of support from the business to manage both home and worklife. 

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  • Peter

    Head of Insight & Performance

    When we needed to someone to lead the way in data, we turned to Peter – and made him Head of Performance & Insight.

    Having built a whole data science practice, Peter has the experience and creativity to make data count and explore its potential.

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  • David

    Senior UX Manager

    I come from a traditional graphic design background, then moved into digital probably about 12 or so years ago. I spent a fair amount of time in the world of contracting and I picked up a contract here at Morrison's and they managed to convince me to stay - that was four years ago now. 

    I saw lots of opportunities from a digital and design point of view, where I could really make my mark. In my role it’s all about making technology easier for the end user really. When I was a graphic designer, one of the main things I tried to do was simplify things, to see how many elements I could take away from something and it still be recognizable. That put me in good stead for a career in UX because it’s about simplifying technologies and making them easier and accessible to people, so that stripping away... but it's still a recognizable product – it’s an ethos which I carry on and adopt at Morrisons. 

    These are really interesting times for Morrisons, as we venture into new digital areas, certainly new for Morrison's and for supermarkets as a whole. It's really exciting. We’re set up new teams to support the customer experience more fully and UX is at the heart of our drive to innovate. 

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  • Jodie

    Head of Technology - Digital Customer Experience

    “I joined Morrisons in 2014 with a marketing background, before moving into tech and becoming Head of Digital, and ultimately Head of Technology - Digital Customer Experience. 

    The scale of our retail operation, and the journey our business is on, presents some huge challenges around our brand, our marketing mix, and the way we use technology. Ultimately, our focus is on how we make shopping experiences better for our customers, and the pace we’re working at is incredible.

    I love working with the tech team here. We’re continually thinking about our customers and how to solve the next problem, and it’s a constant journey of self learning and taking on new challenges. 

    That’s why we’re looking for people who are able to take a step back and think differently, and flexibly. It’s about joining our business on that journey we’re all on and being proactive enough to want to change the future.

    When we talk about naturally fresher tech, that’s just what it is - it’s not forced digital, it’s using the  very latest tech to do the right thing for our customers and colleagues, and figure out what naturally makes all of our lives easier.”

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  • Matt

    Group CIO & Supply Chain Director

    “I’ve been at Morrisons since 2012, but my first role wasn’t in tech. I spent 2 years as Trading Director before taking the lead at morrisons.com where I was responsible for growing our digital shopping experiences along with partners like Ocado. 

    Right now, there are huge opportunities in tech as we continue delivering on our Naturally Digital agenda, by making our products and services available to more people across more channels than ever. 

    The way we use technology is growing and evolving fast, and we’ve created the perfect home for people who are innovative and entrepreneurial, and who can think in creative ways. Being part of our tech team is all about building a deep understanding of retail at scale, and having the ability to turn big ideas into reality, fast.

    It’s about being comfortable - not just with tech in general, but with the freshest tech in the world.”

    Read my round up of Leeds Digital Festival

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  • Rosie

    Technology Manager - Product Owner

    In Rosie's role she works with teams from across the business to gather and maintain product tech requirements. 

    Her experience so far at Morrisons has been really positive, being supported throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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  • Josh

    Senior Technology Manager - Service Operations

    Josh's find's working in Service Delivery at Morrisons a pleasure.

    He says that within his 10 years here, the opportunities and support on offer have been second to none. 

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TEMPORARY WORK: Join us in an hourly paid temp role across our logistics and manufacturing sites, and help us provide food for the nation during these difficult times.

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